L.A. School for the Elite Holding Segregated 'Dialogue' Sessions by Race to Promote 'Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Inclusion'

Nick Kangadis | January 29, 2021
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We really must be living in an upside-down clown world, because apparently the path to “inclusion” and “community-building” is to segregate people based on race. Only the left could come up with something so identity-based that programs to combat racism are racist themselves.

The exclusive Brentwood School in Los Angeles — L.A., go figure — has scheduled an event to take place over multiple days that segregates its participants based on race in order to, as the school states, “better understand the experience of its students, faculty and staff, parents and families, and alumni.”

While the school prompt states that “participation in these dialogue sessions is 100% optional,” the reasoning for the planned events seems to contradict the need to segregate people:

The core goal of these sessions is to establish a safe space for important dialogue with one another around topics relevant to DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion]. One of the overarching goals is to better understand the lived experience of the entire Brentwood School community.

Those who choose to attend one or more of these sessions will be asked to share more about their experience at Brentwood School, in addition to offering constructive feedback and recommendations for how Brentwood can improve the school's overall approach to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion.

The following is a screenshot of a portion of how the school will be segregating participants:


Here’s a question: How do you include people by separating them? Isn’t segregation the exact opposite of “inclusion?” Or because our politically correct bastardizes the true meaning of many words and phrases, does that make sense to the indoctrinated?

This is Brentwood’s “Diversity Mission Statement,” according to the school’s website:

The Brentwood School community actively seeks diverse perspectives and embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential. We create an environment that fosters openness and appreciation of multiple dimensions of culture and identity. We aim to engage mindfully in open and frequent dialogues to ensure that each member is valued, included, and respected. Diversity is in the fabric of who we are.

I guess it’s rational thinking people that just don’t understand. Elites really do live in a different world than the rest of us.

H/T: Washington Examiner

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