LA Rams Beg People To Donate To 'Everytown For Gun Safety' To Stop Mass Shootings

John Simmons | January 23, 2023
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The Los Angeles Rams are calling on fans to donate money to “Everytown for Gun Safety” in the wake of a shooting on Saturday.

At Monterey Park in Los Angeles County, a shooter opened fire on a crowd of people at a Lunar New Year celebration, killing 10 and injuring 10. Authorities have stated that the suspect for the shooting is now dead.

In response to this tragic incident, the Rams are calling for people to donate to an organization that advocates for the one solution that is guaranteed not to solve the problem…stricter gun laws.

How do we know this solution never works? Just look at California as a state.

The Golden State has the strictest firearm laws in the whole country, and yet was reported as having the most “active shooter” incidents in 2021. Gov. Gavin Newsom has done all he can to tighten the state’s grip on gun ownership, but it still hasn’t stopped incidents like the Lunar New Year celebration from happening.

But of course, the Rams didn’t think about that before they sent that tweet, because all that matters to them is appearing as if they are offering a productive solution to a problem. But California’s recent track record has shown that no matter how many gun laws you enforce, people can still get them.

The Rams should spend less time on wading into an issue they clearly don’t fully understand and focus more on how to rebound from an awful 5-12 campaign in the 2022-23 season.

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