Kurdish Fighter Saves Dozens from ISIS Front Line in Unique Armored Vehicle

Tyler McNally | November 14, 2016
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A Kurdish man has become the public face of the insurgency against ISIS due to his uncharacteristic methods.

Ako Abdulrahman, a Peshmerga fighter, came up with a plan from a recent purchase to help individuals escape the gun-battles and sniper fire of ISIS; using a recently purchased BMW, he would run people from the front lines to safety.

A seemingly simple plan became legendary for one specific reason: the BMW Abdulrahman purchased from auction for $10,000 was completely bulletproof.

Mohammed Tawfeeq of CNN writes, "He drove the armored BMW through [Kirkuk], returning again and again to collect the injured, as ISIS gunmen peppered the vehicle with bullets.

Speaking of the diversity of the more than 70 people he rescued from the front lines, Abdulrahman said, "In my car, I carried Sunni, Shiite, Kurds, Turkmen and Christians. I felt like I am truly Iraq and this is who everyone should be."

Rather than accept a new vehicle from BMW, Abdulrahman says that he is going to repair the same BMW that helped rescue dozens upon dozens from the hands of ISIS.

h/t Reddit

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