Kraft Peanut Butter Sells Kids Book On Trans Pronouns to Make Kids ‘Better’

Gabriel Hays | December 2, 2021
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So now peanut butter – freaking peanut butter – is promoting the transgender fad to kids, prompting us to fall to our knees and scream into the void, “Where did it all go wrong?!"

No we are not kidding. Kraft, the brand behind various shredded cheeses, salad dressings and peanut butter, is actually promoting a children’s book on transgender pronouns to the youth of America.

This is yet another reason we only eat Jif Extra Chunky Peanut Butter in this office, dangit!

Anyways, an ad for this dangerous, gender-warping, kids’ propaganda picture book made its way to Kraft Peanut Butter’s Twitter page slightly more than a week ago. The title of the advertised book was His, Hers, Them & Theirs: Learning Pronouns with the Bears.

Uh bears? We know this is fictional but really, aren’t bears pretty instinctually-driven to only operate within the context of two genders? Biologically speaking, this is the opposite of educational material.

As the ad indicates, this insidious book purportedly was made for kids (and parents) in Canada. The ad also has the gall to feature the tagline that the book they’re selling is intended to help “kids and parents be better, together.”

Yeah so this isn’t just a story about fairy tale bears or some other forest critters and one of them just so happens to be transgender. This is a book intent on yielding social results; in this case getting kids and parents to throw away the traditional (biological) concepts of sexuality and gender, thus ravaging the healthy traditional family template even further than it already is.

Hip Hip Hooray for Kraft Peanut Butter!

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Also the ad promotes the book as a Kraft product. It states, “Kraft Peanut Butter presents,” at the top of the book’s cover. Wow, Kraft sure produces a wide range of products. The book was written by Nick North, whose pronouns “he/him” are listed next to his name on the book’s cover.

Hmm. He better not be a straight white male, Kraft, or we’re not buying. 

Oh and even more processed food-affiliated-fun! Proceeds for this Kraft product go in part to an LGBTQ organization called “Rainbow Road” that helps “LGBTQI+ people escape state-sponsored violence.” Ok, well that’s a silver lining. Because helping anyone of any sexual persuasion get out of an actual oppressive government’s clutches is good.

But again, the idea that Kraft wants kids (and parents) to learn whacky pronouns and actually tells them that that makes them “better” people is a little oppressive in its own way, wouldn't you say? 

Normalizing transgenderism to children only serves to confuse these young people who are only beginning to process the world around them. Again, do we really think a two-year-old knows that she’s a boy in a girl’s body?