Kosher Shop Outside Paris Burns Down On Three-Year Anniversary Of Kosher Supermarket Attack

ashley.rae | January 9, 2018
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A kosher shop in the outskirts of Paris was burned down in a suspected arson on Tuesday, exactly three years to the day after a kosher supermarket was attacked by an Islamic terrorist in Paris.

The BBC reports the Promo & Destock store in Creteil was engulfed by the fire overnight. According to the Times of Israel, the nearby Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket also caught on fire. Both of the stores were recently vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti.

The Local France claims that the windows of Promo & Destock were smashed before the fire was started.

Promo & Destock’s owner, who happens to be Muslim, told the Times of Israel, “I just feel sick.”

Prosecutor Laure Beccuau told AFP, “The damage is believed to be very severe.” According to the BBC, the prosecutor also said the agency did not believe the fire was an accident.

In 2015, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, an Islamic terrorist took people hostage at a kosher supermarket. Four people were ultimately killed in the attack.

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