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Knitting Website Bans Any Support of Trump, Calling It 'White Supremacy'


Ravelry, a knitting and crocheting social media site which many didn’t know existed until a couple days ago, announced in a blog on Sunday that, henceforth, it would remove any user supporting Donald Trump on their platform. 

“We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry,” the blog said, “This includes support in the form of forum posts, projects, patterns, profiles, and all other content.”

To justify the new policy, Ravelry proclaimed: “We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”

Interesting, interesting.

But don’t worry knitting enthusiasts -- Ravelry has ensured that this isn’t at all “banning conservative politics.”

They also want to be sure their users don't “try to weaponize this policy by entrapping people who do support the Trump administration into voicing their support.”

Why should that matter, though? Isn’t openly supporting the Trump administration openly supporting white supremacy, regardless of how any user gets to that declaration? It seems as if Ravelry is attempting to have their cake and eat it, too. If you’re going to ban a group of people from expressing their political beliefs, at least be consistent.

But hey, what bias in social media?

Oh, BTW, if you do want knit Barack Obama's image Ravelry has plenty of options.

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