KJP Says to 'Not Forget' that Biden Got More Votes 'Than Any Other President in History' - in '2022'

Nick Kangadis | April 25, 2023
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Years ago, in a Bill Maher documentary, a U.S. senator actually said, “You don’t need to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate.” The senator thought it was hilarious, but Maher knew he stumbled on something. It was something that doesn’t happen too often — a little truth in advertising. But a severe lack of intelligence doesn’t just extend to the Senate. It permeates the White House as well.

Enter White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. And while I understand the overlords in pretty much every realm of politics tells me I’m not allowed to make fun of a person like KJP because she ticks so many protected boxes, I’m still going to do so, because my First Amendment right affords me the opportunity to be a disgusting man.

So, if you haven’t heard, Jean-Pierre isn’t exactly the brightest crayon on the box — or maybe it’s an act to throw people off.

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She actually said the following:

“In 2022, let’s not forget, more Americans voted for this president than any other president in history.”

Oh, how could I forget…something that didn’t happen? And before you say, ‘Nick, she probably just stumbled in her speech.’ Nope, I’m not accepting that excuse.

Jean-Pierre didn’t hesitate, she spoke clearly and she didn’t correct herself. Therefore, it was an inadvertent mistake that she wasn’t capable of realizing was a mistake.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourselves:

The proof is in the pudding. I rest my case.


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