Kirk Cameron: America Faces ‘Moral and Financial Decline’ Without ‘God’s Word’

Mark Judge | May 23, 2017
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Kirk Cameron thinks America needs spiritual revival.

The “Fireproof” and “Growing Pains” actor is promoting the May 16 DVD release of “Revive Us,” a live worship and prayer experience which was held last Oct. 18 just before the presidential election. 

Simulcast live in over 800 theaters across America, “Revive Us” was led by Dr. Ben Carson, Pastor Francis Chan, Eric Metaxas, Dr. James MacDonald and other Christian leaders.

"Last year, running up presidential election, I was traveling all across country, and I was hearing parents saying they were concerned about their children; that our country was off track; that we were in last days of America as a godly nation," Cameron recently told the Gospel Herald

“I was so encouraged, because three weeks after 'Revive Us', we had the presidential election, and it was the largest turnout of evangelicals and pro-life Catholic Christians in history. Christians were saying, 'I care about the culture and the future of my children, so I must be salt and light and not hide under a basket, but let it shine in practical, tangible ways like voting for our leaders.' People did that in record numbers this year, and that's the kind of engagement that can make a difference.”



In October, "Revive Us 2017" will come to 800 theaters across America. In addition to Dr. Carson and Chan, inspirational speakers this year include Ravi Zacharias and Joni Eareckson Tada. The theme is "Finding Unity in a Divided World".

"The further and further any group of people and any nation move away from those ancient truths that we find in God's word and the original principles that our nation was founded on, we're going to experience moral and financial decline,” Cameron told the Herald. “We'll experience a breakdown in our families and every kind of thing that makes life more difficult.”

The actor added, "Abraham Lincoln said — and I'm paraphrasing — we've become so strong and prosperous and admired by so many, but our problem is that we've forgotten what made us this way. We’ve forgotten that this comes as a gift from God because of our reliance on him and our willingness to follow his ways. We need to get back to that."

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