Kimmel: Swap Trump and Kim Jong-un, 'No Discernible Difference'


I swear to God, Jimmy Kimmel has got to be the dumbest mammal on the planet. No, I’m not joking. You’ll probably agree with me once you hear what he said Tuesday night.

I’m not even going to wax poetic on all of you right off the bat, so here's what Kimmel during his monologue (Transcript under video):

And he’s not too popular among North Koreans either. Remember a couple weeks ago he tweeted he had a bigger and more powerful button than Kim Jong-un? Well, they just now got around to responding to that. That’s how slow their wifi is in North Korea. So in response to that tweet, the North Korean state media called Trump a loser, a psychopath and said his tweet was quote, ‘The spasm of a lunatic.’ I don’t know. When did international relations turn into an episode of “Yo Momma” on MTV? Doesn’t it feel like we could switch leaders with North Korea and there would be no discernible difference whatsoever?

I’m sorry — not sorry — but, what a dumbass! I understand Kimmel has to kowtow to his cultish Hollywood writers — and of course Sen. Chuck Schumer, who "coached" Kimmel’s now infamous health care speech — but holy crap, man! You cannot be that insanely deranged. Or can he?

Let’s break this down, folks.

First of all, of course President Trump probably isn’t too popular among North Koreans. You probably wouldn’t be too popular either if the state run media was controlled by Socialists and Communists. Oh, wait. We kind of already have that in the U.S. — and guess what — Trump isn’t too popular.

By the way, your wi-fi connection would be slow too if our government controlled what you were allowed to view and the speed in which you viewed it in.

Perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a late night host say — and let’s face it, there’s a lot to choose from — was when Kimmel talked about how there would be “no discernible difference” if Trump and “Lil’ Kim” were swapped out for one another.

Really, Jim? There would be no difference between someone who believes in free market capitalism and another who believes in controlling everyone’s income according to their needs, which the state determines? 

There’s no difference between someone who leads a country where you can say as many derogatory things about him as you can think of and the other leader who kills anyone that doesn’t agree with him?

That’s right, Jimmy. If you were in North Korea and said the things you say about Trump about Kim Jong-un, you would probably “mysteriously” vanish.

This is Jimmy. Jimmy likes to say stupid, nonsensical things. Don’t be like Jimmy.

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