Kid Rock Gives ‘Targeted’ Message To Bud Light In New Video

Eric Scheiner | April 4, 2023
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Kid Rock offered up a unique response to Bud Light using a man pretending to be a “girl” as a spokesperson.

In a video posted on Twitter Monday, Rock says, "Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all of you and be as clear and concise as possible.”

Rock then shoots up cases of Bud Light.

The rest of his message is available below – but be warned, it contains a few expletives for the Anheuser-Busch company.



Rock’s post follows Bud Light’s use of man-who-pretends-he-is-a-girl Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson for the beverage.

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The company claims the use of Mulvaney pretending to be female will help them “authentically connect” with their audience.

Rock seems to deliver a message about their beer much more effectively.


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