Kevin Hart Slams PC Culture: 'I Don't Understand Why There's a Push To Destroy'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | April 9, 2019
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Kevin Hart sat down with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and one topic of discussion was how political correctness has infiltrated the realm of comedy.

Both Rogan and Hart pointed out the many options available for people who desire a different kind of funny and explained how easy it is just to move on if it wasn’t your cup of tea. 

If you’ll remember, Hart removed himself from hosting the 2019 Academy Awards earlier this year because of the left’s outrage toward — what they call — “homophobic” tweets he made several years ago. After apologizing a couple of time, he finally had enough of the liberal outrage mob and stood up for himself.

In his conversation with Rogan, the A-list comedian said: “I'm the comedian that chooses to be sensitive to the times. I made the choice to say, 'I understand. I get why you shouldn't say certain things, why you should avoid this, that, or this.' I understand, and I am."

Hart recognized many comedians wouldn’t stop being who they were and gave — what I consider — advice to those who would be too sensitive to stomach that.

“I think it’s easier to just say ‘I’m not a fan, that comedy isn’t for me’” Hart said. “I want us to just get back to understanding that you just don't have to support it.”

“I don’t understand why there’s a push to destroy what you just don’t have to support or like,” he added.

Rogan’s response was spot on: “I think it’s just a bunch of people that have an ability to influence things now that didn’t have an ability before. It’s like they see a window and want to throw a rock, it’s right there.”

Yeah and they’ll keep throwing rocks until there is no window left.

I agree with the comedian’s perspective, sometimes you just have to let this stuff go and move on because continuing to have someone apologize or to force someone to change their comedic style is seriously just a waste of time.