Kevin Hart and His Wife Face Backlash For Their Son's 'Cowboys and Indians' Birthday Party

Ferlon Webster Jr. | November 26, 2018
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Can’t you just throw a birthday party for your kids and not have hardcore liberals beat down your door claiming you’re the worst?

Well, no, you can’t. You just can’t. 

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish threw a “Cowboys and Indians” themed birthday party for their one-year-old son Kenzo last week, and leftists flipped out after seeing pictures Parrish posted on her Instagram page.

“Zos cowboys & indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys!” she captioned the photo.

And true to form, the party poopers showed up in force to make their voices heard - by typing on a keyboard, of course.

“This is just the same as playing black face..lets see how many would comment “soo sensitive.. get offended by everything” etc,” someone with hurt feelings made known.

“Wow, for you to get soooo many likes and for you to have the audacity to post and host a “theme” party like this is soooo disrespectful, native lifestyle is not a “theme”, read a f***ing book you dumb**s @kevinhart4real shame on you for letting this happen, for someone I thought was a educated man, you have most definitely let me down sir,” a very sensitive person posted.

The hurt feelings didn’t stop there, more users continued to chime in.

“So is black face ok for a party theme now?” one comment read.

“Disrespectful to our people! We are the indigenous peoples!” someone posted.

“Coming from a real native... this is f***ed up,” a follower wrote.


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Thankfully, some people did post more mildly-mannered thoughts in the mix of these overly-sensitive posts.

“Cultures are meant to be shared. All of these people saying 'you should be ashamed' and 'how dare you' are part of the problem,” one commenter wrote.

“This is awesome! I'm sick of the PC crowd,” another posted.

“If this offends you then just stay off the internet and never leave your house. the world isn't the place for you.” someone made plain. 

I guess there’s really no surprise that people got offended by something they never used to get offended by. Seems to me that being “woke” just makes you an overly-sensitive child that can’t enjoy anything. 

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