Kerry: Your Home Is More of a Threat than Terrorism, 'The Odds' are Greater

Craig Bannister | March 28, 2016
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Americans are far safer from terrorism than they are from their own homes and cars, Sec. of State John Kerry reassured U.S. citizens Saturday, the day before the deadly Easter terrorist attack in Pakistan.

Equating slipping and falling at home to being blown up by a terrorist, Kerry told “Face the Nation” viewers that the odds are with you, so “people do not have to live in fear”:

"I mean there are realities that there are dangers around. I don't want to scare anybody. I don't think you have to be," he said. "The odds of being hit by a terrorist are far less than the odds of an injury in the course of daily life whether it's an accident in an automobile or a home or elsewhere. So people do not have to live in fear."

Still, Kerry said, “It doesn’t mean you should be oblivious to your surroundings.”

One precaution American travelers can take is to be on the lookout for fellow travelers wearing a single black glove with oversized luggage:

“Have a sense of vigilance to watch who is around you. If you see a guy walking into an airport with a black glove in one hand and nothing on the other, and there are two of them the same way, and they're pushing a big suitcase, maybe that tells you something.”

Reportedly, terrorists in the recent Brussels attack were each wearing a single black glove.



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