Kerry Surprised More Business Grads Aren't Starting Green Businesses

Brittany M. Hughes | October 20, 2015
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(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Speaking at the Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry, known for ranking climate change on the same level as, or above, things like terrorism, poverty, world hunger and nukes, expressed surprise that more business graduates aren’t falling over themselves trying to build businesses to address global warming.

At the forum, Kerry explained:

I can – for 28 years I served in the Senate, and it was rare that you got a really great plus back – positive return on a particular vote or choice that you made. If it was one for one, you were doing pretty well. Climate change is, what, four, five, six for one, because you get better health, better economy, better security, better environmental responsibility, better – a reduction of costs in hospitals. Run the list.

The cost accounting here is really pretty simple, and it’s pretty extraordinary to me that we haven’t had more smart graduates of various business schools around the country who are leading corporations around America and the world who haven’t raised the profile of this need to really account for things more correctly. Because everybody says, ‘Oh my God, we can’t do that; it’s too expensive.’ Well, it’s not, if you consider the costs of not doing it.

So, Kerry is surprised that more “smart graduates” aren’t launching green businesses to help combat the impending global warming apocalypse?

After all, he adds:

It’s becoming even more clear with every record-breaking drought, every record-breaking flood, every ‘hottest month ever’ announcement, or every year – hottest year that we live through, with every peer-reviewed study that details the catastrophe that climate change could unleash and, frankly, that we’re seeing already in certain places.

The canary in the gold mine – in the coal mine indicators, which are many in various parts of the world, particularly the Arctic, Antarctic, and in some other places – they all begin to detail the catastrophe that climate change has the potential to unleash.

It really is shocking, honestly, that more graduates aren’t hopping aboard the climate change train, what with the temperature skyrocketing and causing all kinds of famines and floods and fires and basically turning the entire world into a scene from a Michael Bay film.

Oh, wait.

As was recently explained by the Washington Times, the average temperature of the earth’s surface isn’t skyrocketing. While NASA recently purported that this past July was the hottest month since 1880, the agency’s exact data showed the “record-breaking” increase was a whopping two one-hundredths of a degree Celsius over the previous record -- well within their one-tenth-of-a-degree margin of error. Did we mention that in order to obtain this press-stopping data, NASA used temperature sensors spaced as much as 750 miles apart?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also reported July was the hottest month on record – by eight one-hundredths of a degree. Their margin of error was 14 one-hundredths of a degree.

There’s also that small matter of record-breaking droughts. For that, you can check out this fun, interactive slider from The National Drought Mitigation Center. It only goes back to January of 2000, but it’s a pretty good indicator of the apparent (lack of) significant increases in droughts across America over the past 15 years. (Check out 2002-04 – those years were fun. And wasn't the dust bowl in the '30s?)

There has been one record-breaking drought, though. According to NOAA, no major hurricane -- one of the alleged side-effects of global warming, according to President Obama – has made landfall in the United States for a record 119 months as of the end of September.

What’s more, some scientists are even warning that the earth could be headed for a mini-ice age, which would pretty much blow a glacier-sized hole in Al Gore’s “Earth has a fever” theory. Gee, that’d be an inconvenient truth.

Either way, recent polls appear to support at least one of Kerry’s concerns – most Americans aren’t freaking out over climate change.

And Kerry wonders why more business grads aren’t cowering in fear beneath their desks piled with student loan bills, trying desperately to figure out how to power cities using bat guano.

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