Kentucky Radio Station Plays 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' On Continuous Loop in Defiance of Criticism

Nick Kangadis | December 18, 2018
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“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Thanks to my friend Buddy the Elf for that little pearl of wisdom. For all the grinches we encounter literally every Christmas season, there are those that tune out the haters and sometimes throw their “Bah Humbug” mentality straight back in their faces.

Despite all the pushback against the classic Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” one Kentucky radio station decided to tell people to take a chill pill in by making the choice of continuing to play the perceivably offensive song.

Recently, WAKY 103.5FM in Kentucky announced on Facebook that they would be playing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on a two-hour continuous loop. This past Sunday the station went ahead with their plan.

Director of programming for WAKY, Joe Freddie, still doesn’t understand what all the furor over the song is about.

“I'm not sure why it's controversial," Fredele told WLKY. "We've played this song for years, you know, this song is older than WAKY is. It's almost 70 years old.”

To be fair, just because something is old doesn’t mean that it’s innocent. But in this case, the grinches need to stop attempting to ruin Christmas for everyone else just because they’re miserable in their own lives.

Fans of WAKY’s Facebook page praised the radio station for their stance in defense of the Christmas classic.

“Its nice to see not everyone is afraid to stand up to a bunch of crybabies who have nothing better to do with their time than to ruin things for everyone else,” one commenter wrote. “The wusses who run these other stations should ask santa for a backbone and the wizard for a brain. They sure as hell need it.”

“About time someone showed some common sense. Way to go!!!!” another commenter said.

“Keep playing the song. It’s a flirtatious song,” yet another commenter wrote. “Nothing wrong with it.”

WAKY once again posted on Facebook the day of their defiant playing of the song on repeat:



You shouldn’t be afraid to play it. Even if there was something nefarious about the song — which there isn’t — there are far worse songs, with way worse messages, played on the radio every single day.

Sometimes people need to get over themselves and quit trying to make themselves look so tolerant by virtue signaling all over the place. Sometimes a song is just a song. While we understand that misery loves company, maybe detractors reading too much in certain things say more about them and less about the thing they’re “triggered” about.

Way to go, WAKY! Merry Christmas!

H/T: Fox News