Kellogg Says It's Replacing a Cereal Box After Complaints About a Racist Corn Pop

ashley.rae | October 25, 2017
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Racism is lurking everywhere -- even on your cereal box.

In a tweet on Tuesday, writer Saladin Ahmed pointed out something he found peculiar on his box of Corn Pops:

If you can’t spot the problem: in the bottom corner of the cereal box, there appears to be a slightly darker-colored Corn Pop performing a janitorial task.

According to Ahmed, while the placement of the dark Corn Pop is a “tiny thing,” it could still teach kids to be racist:

Kellogg responded to Ahmed’s tweet by claiming that while they’re “committed to diversity & inclusion,” their inclusion of a brown-colored Corn Pop “did not intend to offend.” Kellogg’s said the artwork will be updated and in stores soon:

A Kellogg spokesperson told USA Today they “apologize sincerely” for the mishap:

Kellogg Company has respect for all people, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion has long been a top priority. We take feedback very seriously, and it was never our intention to offend anyone. We apologize sincerely. The package artwork has been updated and will begin to appear on store shelves soon as it flows through distribution.

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