Kathy Griffin: An ‘Orchestrated Campaign’ And ‘Older White Guys’ Are Preventing Me From Work

Eric Scheiner | October 24, 2019
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Kathy Griffin claims she doesn’t know if she’ll find “paid work” in the future – but if not, it couldn’t possibly be that she’s not entertaining – she claims "older white guys" and a “orchestrated campaign” against her are the reasons why.

In a recent appearance on KTLA to promote the release of her new film, the liberal entertainer who famously posed with a fake severed head of the president, blamed others for her lack of work.

“I still do not have one single day of paid work ahead of me for the rest of my life. Now, you tell me that's not because I'm a 58 year old female in comedy,” Griffin said. “Yeah, I take that guys who make the decisions.”

When a male anchor mentioned that other female comedians are getting work, Griffin got testy. The former CNN New Year’s eve host blamed white men, the president, and claimed it was a “whole orchestrated campaign” against her.

“What does this guy? What’s with the new guy? Look, the point is, it's a male dominated field, which I really don’t want to hear your take on that.”

“We've got guests here every day,” the anchor responded.

“Yeah, OK. That's all right. But you should know your stats, though. Anyway, working in a male dominated field is something where I deal with that sort of thing every day. So I spend most of my day trying to talk to older white guys and explain. I just want to do what I do.”

“And I don't feel like - no matter how I said you feel about me or the photo. Nobody in America should have the president and the Department of Justice make it so that they're not employable or insurable. And, you know, then like the TMZ and the AMI, they got involved doing hit pieces on me and stuff like that. So it's been a whole orchestrated campaign.”

Uh-huh. It couldn’t just be that you’re really not that funny Kathy, could it?