'Karma With a Bow and Arrow': Sick Leftists Mock 'Antivaxxer' Diamond's Passing

Brittany M. Hughes | January 10, 2023
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Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, the “Diamond” of the conservative commentary duo Diamond and Silk, reportedly passed away at her home in North Carolina Monday, according to a message posted to the pair's official Twitter account.

And it took all of a few minutes after news of Hardaway’s death before leftist pundits and talking heads began mocking her death as another “antivaxxer” who died of COVID – despite the fact that no cause of death has yet been released.

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Leftists are now predictably using Hardaway’s death to push for the same vaccine that evidence has shown can cause potentially deadly heart problems in some otherwise healthy people – people who, ironically, are unlikely to die from COVID.

Hardaway, 51, was hospitalized back in November with an unspecified illness, which some suspected without proof was COVID – including many left-leaning news outlets that ran with the headline that appears to have begun with a “Black news” online outlet called “Blavity News” (which has since deleted that article).

But that diagnosis was never confirmed by the pair, and Hardaway denied those claims after returning to the Saturday Newsmax show she shared with her sister on December 15.

Regardless of whether Hardaway died from COVID complications or one of any number of other medical issues, let’s just state for the record that if someone – anyone – passes away and your response is anything other than sincere sympathy and condolences, you’re a terrible human being.

Do better.


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