Karl Rove Warming To Donald Trump?

Alan Moore | April 14, 2016

After sitting on the sidelines during the 2016 presidential race thus far, Karl Rove and Republican establishment money-men are warming to the idea of Trump as the party’s nominee, according to Politico.

Rove’s outfit, American Crossroads Super PAC, is suggesting to its donors that it can help Trump win the White House.

In an email to donors last month, American Crossroads’ president, Steven Law, wrote, “Our initial review of the data indicates that because of Hillary Clinton’s toxic vulnerabilities, the presidential contest could be intensely competitive regardless of who our nominee is.”

A source with knowledge of American Crossroads’ intentions said the group is leading “a softening of the anti-Trump position” within the big-money GOP establishment.

Rove Warms to Trump from PeerDaily on Vimeo.