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Kanye West Tells Jimmy Kimmel He Still Supports Trump: 'Liberals Can't Bully Me'


Rapper Kanye West refused to back down from his unapologetic support for President Trump during his interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night, telling the late night host, "Liberals can't bully me."

West accused the left of pressuring African Americans into having “monolithic thought” that obligates them to support the Democratic Party.

“Just as a musician, African-American, guy out in Hollywood, all these different things, you know, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me,” he said. “And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn’t say it out loud or my career would be over; I’d get kicked out of the black community because blacks — we’re supposed to have a monolithic thought. We can only, like, we can only be Democrats and all.”

West met with President-elect Trump in 2016, but did not publicly express his full support for him until this earlier year.

“I didn’t have the confidence to take on the world and the possible backlash and it took me a year and a half to have the confidence to stand up and put on the hat no matter what the consequences were,” he explained. “And what it represented to me is not about policies — because I’m not a politician like that.

"But it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt, no matter what anyone said, in saying, you can’t bully me. Liberals can’t bully me, news can’t bully me, the hip-hop community, they can’t bully me,” he said.

The platinum-selling artist released his new album, “Ye” in June, just months after going public with his support for Trump in April.

West's MAGA spirit sent a shockwave through the internet. Even Trump thanked the celebrity icon. 

With the way politics have gone since the 2016 election, who knows where Kanye will go with his sudden presence in the political scene. 

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