A Kansas Resident's Upset the Children In a Viral Adoption Listing Are White


Just when you thought the obsession with race in this country couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse. One Kansas resident is a leading contender for the position of "Worst Person In the Entire World" for her racially-charged reaction to siblings who were merely looking for a family to adopt them so they could stay together.

Over the weekend, the Kansas City Star ran a “Family Wanted” listing featuring five adorable children who were looking to find a forever home to adopt them so they didn’t have to be separated. The “Family Wanted” listing spoke about Bradley, 11, Preston, 10, Layla, 8, Landon, 6, and Olive, 2. The listing detailed their different interests and emphasized that the children are looking to be adopted together and are involved in church.

According to the Kansas City Star, the webpage garnered over 4 million views since it went live on Saturday. Corey Lada of the Kansas Children’s Service League, which is affiliated with the AdoptKSKids.org website, said, “This is a viral response...and it’s pretty insane.”

“In 13-plus years of working here, I’ve seen nothing like this. Nothing,” Lada added.

While the overwhelming majority of the responses were positive (the Kansas City Star reports over 1,500 messages were left with inquiries about adopting the children), one Overland Park woman, Nibal Henderson, is blaming the interest in adopting the children on their skin color.

The Kansas City Star reports that Henderson said, when observing the ad going viral, “Part of this didn’t sit well with me.”

Henderson reportedly remarked that the children were all white, “like out of a Lands’ End ad.” Henderson allegedly said children of other races “should be so lucky" as to have people interested in adopting them.

Yes, Henderson is actually upset that five children are closer to finding a loving family that cares for them because they happen to be white. Not only that, but Henderson denigrated the appearance of children in foster care by saying they appear to be “out of Lands’ End ad.” 

The Kansas City Star notes that in 2014, a viral advertisement looking for a family for six siblings also went viral. That family featured five white siblings and one interracial child. Lada reported that the children in that advertisement also just found a home.

Lada told the Kansas City Star, “The response this time is at least two or three times stronger," adding, “These kids need no more publicity.”

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