Kansas Congressional Candidate Becomes #MeToo's First Female Casualty

Brittany M. Hughes | December 15, 2017
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A feminist-backed female candidate in Kansas has dropped out of her U.S. House race after being accused of harassing a male employee who wouldn’t…er…well, you know. And apparently, she's not too happy about it.

From the Kansas City Star:

Andrea Ramsey, a Democratic candidate for Congress, will drop out of the race after The Kansas City Star asked her about accusations in a 2005 lawsuit that she sexually harassed and retaliated against a male subordinate who said he had rejected her advances.

Following the exposé, Ramsey, who'd been endorsed by the a pro-abortion feminist group Emily’s List which funnels money to liberal female candidates who support abortion rights, was dumped post-haste by her left-leaning backers.

For her part, Ramsey denies that she ever sexually harassed or plotted revenge against this unnamed employee, and is apparently pretty ticked about having to give up her congressional race. She's now accusing the Democratic Party of throwing her under the bus in an attempt to virtue-signal over sexual harassment.

“In its rush to claim the high ground in our roiling national conversation about harassment, the Democratic Party has implemented a zero tolerance standard,” Ramsey said in a statement Friday. “For me, that means a vindictive, terminated employee’s false allegations are enough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to decide not to support our promising campaign. We are in a national moment where rough justice stands in place of careful analysis, nuance and due process.”

Ramsey's curb-kicking comes just one day after news broke that Omar Ashmawy – the head of the Congressional Ethics Office that’s investigating claims of harassment by, for instance, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers – is himself being sued for sexual harassment.

In the age of Everyone’s a Creeper, it appears no one is safe from being given the political boot by fellow party members hellbent on saving face – not even radical feminists who support dismembering babies.

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