Kamala Who? Border Crisis Rages As Criminal Alien Apprehensions Hit Record Highs

Brittany M. Hughes | July 6, 2021
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Kamala Harris has been to Guatemala. She’s been to Mexico. And she’s been to “the border.” (Except not really.)

And – shockingly – the immigration crisis currently swamping border agents and overwhelming border states hasn’t suddenly abated thanks to her cackling and virtue-signaling attempts to tell illegal aliens “don’t come” to the U.S. (wink, nod).

According to two disturbing new data points released over the past week, it turns out that more than 1 million illegal aliens have now been caught crossing the U.S. border illegally so far this fiscal year, marking a 20-year-high in illegal immigrants streaming in from Mexico, many of them hailing from other Central American countries.

CNN, of all places, reports that:

More than 1 million migrants have been arrested after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border since last October, according to two US Department of Homeland Security [DHS] officials, surpassing the 2019 border crisis tally with three months still left in the fiscal year.

In fact, the number of illegal aliens caught in June alone averaged out to about 6,300 per day.

And those are just the ones we know about. In fact, as I’ve reported for MRCTV before, border agents have already estimated at least 1,000 illegal aliens are crossing into the country every day unpursued as border agents are tied up dealing with the massive influx of families and children who, per a mix of federal law and Biden administration policy, have to be dealt with differently than single adults who cross alone. 

Assuming that estimate's accurate, that would put the actual number of illegal aliens who’ve crossed the U.S. border so far this year at closer to 1,273,000 so far this fiscal year as of the end of June, and with three months left to go until FY2021 ends on Sept. 30. 

Perhaps even more disturbing is the number of criminal aliens who’ve already been nabbed at the border – and those who  haven’t.

According to federal data, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol says they’ve apprehended nearly 7,000 illegal aliens with prior criminal convictions. That’s a 183 percent increase over the 2,438 they caught in all of FY2020 (remember, we’ve got three months left to go this fiscal year). It’s also 62 percent more criminal alien apprehensions than during all of FY2019, when 4,269 criminal aliens were caught. 

And, again, these are just the ones we know about because they were caught.

And along with higher illegal alien apprehensions comes…more illegal alien rescues, courtesy of U.S. border agents and your tax dollars. The Center For Immigration Studies reports that:

Thus far in FY 2021, Border Patrol agents at the Southwest border have performed 6,898 searches and rescues — 36 percent more than in all of FY 2020 (5,071) and a 40-percent increase over FY 2019 (4,920).

But hey - Kamala spent about ten minutes in a not-so-busy section of the U.S. border where she gave a quick speech on the administration's humanitarian efforts in dealing with millions of illegal migrants before plopping back down in her jet and high-tailing it back to D.C., so everything's totally fine.