Kamala Harris Says Tupac is the 'Best Rapper Alive'...Except He Died in 1996

Nick Kangadis | September 28, 2020
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It looks as though Sen. Kamala Harris needs a hip-hop lesson. She actually said the late rapper Tupac Shakur is the “best rapper alive.”

The only problem with that assessment is that Shakur was killed in 1996. Now, if she had said Shakur was the “best rapper alive” 25 years ago, she might’ve had an argument.

Here’s the exchange between Harris and serial CNN race-baiter Angela Rye (For the full interview, click here):

As a fan of old school hip-hop, I can tell you that it’s understandable that Harris couldn’t come up with a specific name in hip-hop for today’s version of the genre. But, there are plenty of notable names that she could’ve just lied about thinking were good rappers. Clearly, Harris doesn’t follow modern hip-hop. Even if she does, she can’t think of any of their names.

However, Harris’ lack of current hip-hop knowledge shouldn’t be held against her in the grand scheme of things. There are more important things to be worried about if she didn’t know much about the topics. She just made a huge gaffe.

Still, it’s pretty funny.

Personally, if we’re talking today’s hip-hop, you could say Childish Gambino — whose message I don’t agree with, but at least his lyrical flow is good and the beats are catchy — and Adam Calhoun are the two best rappers alive today. I could be wrong, but every person has their own tastes.

H/T: Washington Examiner