Kamala Craziness: VP Confuses Gender Ideology With Women’s History

Eric Scheiner | May 17, 2023
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The left has been pushing LGTBQ gender ideology online, in classrooms and in government regulations. Their efforts to refute science and human biology and promote alternative gender identities has met with some resistence from those that can actually think and realize biological sex is determined at birth.

Somebody needs to explain all this to VP Kamala Harris. Unfortunately, Harris once again let thoughts escape from her head by stringing words together that make no sense.


During a speech on Tuesday, Harris shared her concerns about people who don’t think “gender ideology” needs to be taught to schoolchildren.

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“So what are we talking about here? Classes that teach women’s history? Women’s equality?”

The internet reacted as you would expect. With a large percentage of those in the Twitterverse questioning her intelligence or her sobriety.

Simply view some of the comments below.



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