Kaepernick Selling Jersey Without Nike, Mixed Messages on Charitable 'Proceeds'


Unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick still wants more attention than what Nike can apparently provide for him. Kaepernick’s actions make him seem like he feels entitled to do whatever he wants, so long as his name stays relevant.

In a stroke of pure ego, Kaepernick launched a new jersey featuring his name, number and apparent brand logo. Nike makes all of the jerseys for the NFL, but Kaepernick left his polarizing partner behind in order to pursue this endeavor. The jersey also features a hashtag [#IMWITHKAP] and maybe a self-affirmation [I KNOW MY RIGHTS] right on the front of the jersey.

The jersey has since gone "out of stock."

Take a look:


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The other problem is the math that goes along with sales of Kaepernick’s independent jersey. For someone who’s supposedly a person to “sacrifice everything,” he’s sure rolling in dough right now.

Kaepernick posted two ads to his Instagram page detailing how to purchase the jersey, with “20% of proceeds” going to his Know Your Rights Camp. However, a subsequent Instagram post that noted the new jersey was “out of stock,” also indicated that “ALL PROFITS will go to support @yourrightscamp!”

You see the discrepancy there? For a jersey that reportedly was selling for a whopping $175 each, 20 percent isn’t exactly a large portion of the “proceeds.” That’s probably why Kaepernick changed the language of the item from “proceeds” to “profits.”

Maybe he thought no one would notice the change? There’s a discernible difference between “proceeds” and “profits.” What’s with the mixed messages?

If the 20 percent of the proceeds line rings true, as well as the “ALL PROFITS” line, then that means the profit on the jersey is $35 each. That’s a really small portion of the ridiculous $175 Kaepernick is charging for his name.

Let’s not get it twisted. This is about keeping Kaepernick’s name in the spotlight, not about “social justice.”

With $35 of the $175 going to his charity, is he saying that it costs him $140 to produce each jersey? If so, he’s either hiding something, or he’s too dumb to know he’s getting ripped off.

Regular NFL jerseys go for around $100, and, as I said earlier, they’re produced by Nike.

All this move shows is that Colin Kaepernick loves one thing and one thing only — Colin Kaepernick.

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