Justin Timberlake Brought to Tears After a Little Boy Gifts Him A Birthday Present

Monica Sanchez | December 16, 2014
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At a concert at the Barclays Center in New York City on Sunday, Justin Timberlake showed fans his soft side on stage, thanks to a little boy who gifted the star with the sweetest gesture.

A 10-year-old boy handed Timberlake a small gift box and told the actor-singer that he’s been a fan since he was just two years old. Shortly after opening his present, Timberlake was brought to tears.

“Come on, little man!” he said trying to hold back the waterworks. The little boy gave Timberlake a bow tie, and we all know how much he loves those. 



"Hey man, greatest gift ever," he told the boy. "Because a gentleman can never have too many bow ties."

"I love you, kiddo," Timberlake said. "Sh*t, that got me."

All mushy, JT had to walk away to regain his composure. "You're the coolest dude here," he said. 

Watch the adorable moment above.

H/T Jezebel

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