This Just In: Hurricane Matthew is Racist

Zach Montanaro | October 7, 2016
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Here’s something you probably haven’t heard in the news: Hurricane Matthew is racist.

That’s according to Aura Bogado, a leftist activist who formerly contributed to The Nation and an author for Gist, who sent out this tweet:

Bogado’s Twitter profile says simply, “I write about environmental racism.”

So there you have it. Apparently, since a natural disaster decided by its own non-existing free will to make landfall in Haiti, the storm itself is racist. Maybe there should have been trigger warnings installed on the island, too.

This isn’t the first time Bogado has made outrageous claims about racism, either. Earlier in the year, she tried to label Pokémon Go as racist.

In a whole stream of tweets that is too long and winding to even attempt to fully understand, Bogado tried to make the argument that the in-game PokeStops (real-life places that players can go to collect in-game items) weren’t in enough places where minorities were.

She also tried to make the claim that the game was sexist as well because, she assumes, the game’s augmented reality map was made by men and didn’t include enough black women, or black transsexual women.

This all relates back, according to her, to “systemic inequality.”

So there you have it, both a mobile app and a natural disaster are racist.

This is what your brain looks like on liberalism, folks.


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