Jussie Smollett Could Still be Charged -Special Prosecutor To Be Appointed


A Cook County judge ruled a special prosecutor must be appointed in the infamous Jussie Smollett case after Cook County State’s attorney, Kim Foxx, recused herself and handed the investigation down to her top deputy.

Judge Michael Toomin ruled that in addition to the special prosecutor being appointed, said special prosecutor would be able to bring new charges against Smollett if there are  “reasonable grounds” to do so.

"State's attorneys are clearly not meant to have unbridled authority to appoint special prosecutors," Toomin said in a quote to the Chicago Tribune.

In response to the decision, the Chief Communications Officer for the Chicago PD said, “We stand firmly behind the work of detectives in investigating the fabricated incident reported by Jussie Smollett & ChicagoPolice will fully cooperate with the court appointed special prosecutor.”

The Chicago Police were noticeably unhappy with the initial handling of the Smollett case.

There is no guarantee that Smollett will be charged with any sort of crime, but if an honest prosecutor concerned with actual justice is brought in, anything is possible.


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