Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Andrew Yang Attempt Comedy at DNC, Tolerantly Joke About VP Pence's Sexuality

Nick Kangadis | August 21, 2020
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A while ago I mentioned that the left forgot how to do comedy, and for the most part that is completely true. When’s the last time you saw a clip from an episode of Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel’s shows that you watched because it was funny instead of just being another stale shot at President Donald Trump? Exactly.

Well, the left made another attempt at humor Thursday evening with an exchange between failed Democratic presidential candidate and “math” expert Andrew Yang and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the virtual Democratic National Convention (DNC).

The pair were praising vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ speech while simultaneously attempting to take shots at current Vice President, Republican Mike Pence.

Imagine if a 5-year-old came up with a joke making fun of someone’s name and then said, ‘How can we make this joke super cringey?’ You know how you do that? Make the joke in front of no audience so that crickets accompany said joke.

I can admit when something is funny, but this is really bad.

Just take a look for yourselves:

What in the blue h-e double hockey sticks did I just watch? I’ve watched it four times, and I’m still waiting for the punchline.

In their latest attempt at humor, the left shows its tolerance once more as they refer to the vice president as “Ponce,” which either means an “a campily effeminate man” or “pimp.” Either that or they were calling Pence a city in Puerto Rico. I don’t know either.

And then there’s this little nugget that Townhall caught and tweeted out:

In case you were wondering, a simple DuckDuckGo search — I’m trying to break out of the habit of using Google — reveals that the word “poonce” is slang for “a male homosexual.”

The double standard is astounding.

H/T: RedState