Judge Jeanine Slams Sen. Feinstein: 'You Support Killings Of Americans Without Due Process'

Monica Sanchez | December 15, 2014
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On Fox News’ Justice Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for being an “American apologist” and supporting "killings of Americans without due process."

I, for one, am tired of American apologists like you trashing those assigned to protect us, those who put their lives on the line, like the CIA and law enforcement. They, and not you, have the high moral ground.”

"Are you interested in saving the enemy at the expense of Americans? You say one thing and do another - you support drone killings of Americans without due process, no arrest, no indictment, no trial, just kill them with a drone!

Last week, Sen. Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report, referred to as the “Torture Report,” which blasts the CIA for using enhanced interrogation methods on Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainees post-9/11.

People who kill thousands of Americans have no right to gentle and humane treatment,” Judge Pirro went on to say. “And I, for one, will not hang my head in shame because the CIA did what the President, his cabinet, and Congress thought was right in a time of war, let alone apologize to those who killed us.”

By calling it a ‘torture report,’ the senator turns our enemy into the victim.”

Judge Jeanine fired, "You know what I think? I think you've been in Washington too long. Your ivory tower, liberal, kumbaya naiveté is dangerous. And simply talking to high value captives who are responsible for murdering my friends and other innocent Americans is naive."

Watch the rest of Judge Pirro’s opening statement above.

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