Joy Behar Calls Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin More Sane Than President Trump

Nick Kangadis | April 12, 2018
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I have breaking news! “The View” host Joy Behar just won the award for the dumbest human being alive today!

Congrats, Joy! We don’t have a trophy for you, but a university science department wants to examine your brain to see just how out-of-shape that hamster turning your wheels must be.

You don’t even have to be a fan of President Trump to realize just how stupid Behar is on a regular basis. But what she said on Thursday’s edition of ABC’s “The View” deserves its own place in the Idiot Hall of Fame.

“We’ve gotten to the point in this world now where we have to rely on the sanity of [North Korean “Supreme Leader”] Kim Jong-un and [Russian president Vladimir] Putin over the president of the United States,” Behar said. “That’s where we’re at.”

Are you out of your frickin’ mind?! “Lil’ Kim” publicly executes his people, arbitrarily detains them and put his people in forced labor camps, according to Human Rights Watch.

As for Putin, Human Rights Watch also reported on the Russian government:

The government in 2016 further tightened control over the already-shrinking space for free expression, association, and assembly and intensified persecution of independent critics. Parliament adopted laws expanding the power of law enforcement and security agencies, including to control online speech.

American Leftists like Behar bash the Trump when doesn’t say anything about Russia. They also bash him when the president gets aggressive on Russia.

Pick your argument, because constantly contradicting yourself makes you what all of us with rational brains think you are — stupid.

Here’s video of Behar’s comments:

When co-host - and the most sane person in the studio - Meghan McCain gave Behar a little pushback on what she said, Behar came back at McCain with a question that McCain could only respond with, “Oh, my God!”

“Do you think Kim Jong-un is less moral than Trump?” Behar asked. “Do you?”

There’s most likely some people in our prison system have a better sense of morals than Kim Jong-un.

Behar has consistently put her foot in her mouth since — well, probably since she could speak. But, she seems to have no problem being against anything Right-of-Center — including that fake apology she gave Vice President Mike Pence and Christians for previous remarks — in order to prove that she can out-do herself when it comes to her own stupidity.