Joy Behar: Boys Are Better For Having Girls Around, But Girls Don't Benefit From Boys

Nick Kangadis | May 4, 2018
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It's getting pretty routine at this point, but ABC's "The View" co-host Joy Behar said another dumbass thing about things she knows very little about.

Behar and the rest of the coop on "The View" were talking about the controversy surrounding the Boy Scouts of America becoming the "Soy" Scouts of America. The new Scouts BSA is now open to girls, likely because they weren't making as much money as they used to and had to integrate girls into a boys-only club to make up the difference.

While both Behar and co-host Meghan McCain agreed that they genders should be kept separate, it was the typically ignorant way in which Behar espoused her opinion - which she's entitled to - that made me give her my best cringe-face through the computer screen.

"Boys benefit from having girls in their midst," Behar squawked. "I'm not sure that girls benefit from having boys in their midst."

Here's video of the segment:

When asked why concerning her opinion, Behar said, "Because boys - I don't know - they can turn into 'Lord of the Flies' at any given moment." Anyone else ever notice how when Behar says something she thinks is funny - or something she thinks will get a laugh - she looks back and forth to see if anyone is laughing with her?

She's half right. I'm laughing. Just not WITH her.

All of this hilarity coming from an unfunny, ignorant woman who went to an all-girls school and doesn't even have a son herself. While she's moderately successful, Behar's personal life contradicts her theory that boys are icky.

What Behar said isn't offensive. It's just stupid.