Journalist Glenn Greenwald SLAMS Schumer’s Outrageous Likening of Capitol Hill Protest To Pearl Harbor

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 7, 2021

In a “journalistic” environment poisoned by bias masquerading as “reporting”, it’s encouraging to see Glenn Greenwald, who identifies himself as leaning left, stand up against unwarranted and outrageous demonization by politicians on the left.

Early in the morning on Thursday, January 7, he did precisely that, exposing Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his vile, premeditated statement claiming some kind of equivalency between upset protesters entering the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 2,400 people and left nearly 1,200 injured.

Schumer’s towering insult to history, to frustrated Trump supporters, and to anyone worried about clear irregularities in the 2020 election and the fact that an election for one office can have such a huge impact on American civilians, came in the form of a late January 6 Senate floor statement, which was covered by The Daily Caller:

Sen. Schumer compares today's events to Pearl Harbor: ‘Franklin Roosevelt set a day aside that will live in infamy. Unfortunately, we can now add January 6, 2021 to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.’

It is beyond belief how anyone could stoop so low as to tie to PEARL HARBOR the concerned, taxpaying, American protesters whom police initially ALLOWED past sidewalk barriers – footage of which can be seen here and about which Matt Agorist reported for The Free Thought Project. It is beyond comprehension to see how Schumer could compare to Japanese attackers Ashli Babbit, an unarmed U.S. Air Force VET who was shot through the back of the neck and killed by authorities as she attempted to climb through a locked set of interior Capitol doors. 

But, evidently, Schumer seems to think he, his tax-fed pals, and their lingering, festering carbuncle of a Senate chamber are somehow like the 2,400 innocent Americans whom FDR allowed the Japanese to exterminate on December 7, 1941 and somehow like the harbor where FDR allowed the Americans to wait like proverbial sitting ducks.

Greenwald, who has stood strong against government eavesdropping, extra-judicial drone strikes conducted by President Obama and John Brennan (Obama’s then advisor on drone killings), and the destruction of free speech on social media, was having none of it from Schumer. A few hours after Schumer uttered his deplorable statement, Greenwald punched back – hard -- focusing on September 14, 2001 statements about 9-11 by CA Rep Barbara Lee (D), but including Schumer in his justified ridicule:

Obviously, it's obscene to compare yesterday's events at the Capitol to 9/11 or (as Schumer did) Pearl Harbor: obscene and reckless. But Lee's point about the need for reflection and deliberation, not reactionary rage, applies to all situations where political emotions are high.

Obscene, indeed.

And it's more frustrating when one considers the way Schumer and his leftist pals in D..C and on left-propaganda news outlets for months have promoted the idea that “protesting” – called “peaceful,” but which included the smashing of public and private windows, breaking into public and private buildings, and threats directed at the government and at innocent civilians -- was not only justified, but laudable. 

Schumer not only spoke about it on the Senate floor June 8, he openly participated in a “protest march” shortly before his speech, and his appearance shocked observers who had a hard time squaring his breaches of “social distancing” and “stay-home” recommendations with the act of walking arm-in-arm with other leftist “protesters”.

Of course, members of the pop media weren’t as critical as we trogs, we uncivilized masses out in the hinterlands. They’re so busy virtue-signaling based on racist assumptions and political leveraging that Schumer’s double-standards were overlooked.

Heck, when CNN pays a man like Chris Cuomo to “report” in June on cities set afire, evidently by “Black Lives Matter” protesters, even as he offers this, there’s a clear problem:

Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.

In fact, it’s more than a single problem.

It’s a whole host of trouble, including the vile embrace of double-standards, a lack of ethics, and the habit of people like Schumer and Cuomo to engage in opportunistic grandstanding to promote themselves and push their agenda.

Glenn Greenwald was absolutely right to criticize Schumer, as is anyone who calls out that petty Senate tyrant for his invective and lack of perspective. At times such as this, it's doubly important to recognize Mr. Greenwald's observation and Mr. Schumer's obnoxious behavior.