Johnathan Gentry Voices His Disgust with Beyoncé in Facebook Video Post

Nick Kangadis | February 9, 2016
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(Image: TheBlaze TV)

Minister and occasional Fox News guest Johnathan Gentry was disgusted with Beyoncé’s racially charged performance at the Super Bowl.

Gentry has been outspoken in the past about such things as the Michael Brown case and Al Sharpton’s race profiteering, and even called out President Obama on the validity of the refugees he’s bringing in. So it comes as no surprise that Gentry posted a new video to Facebook speaking “truths” about Beyoncé’s performance during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

In the video Gentry states:

There is a double-standard that we do not acknowledge. That we do not address. There is a huge double-standard. You can’t tell one group, ‘Sit down, shut up. What you do is racist and offensive to me. Put your Confederate flag away, while we want to parade and shove how we feel down everyone else’s throat.’

Gentry then proceeded to expand upon what he believes Beyoncé was trying to accomplish with her performance, and he said that it was “wicked.”

At one point during the video, Gentry poses a question that Beyoncé would probably have a tough time answering, asking, “How can you sit up there and be anti-police when 100 of them escorted you to the Super Bowl?”

But hypocrisy only matters to the Left when common sense is nowhere to be found.

To watch the full nearly four-minute video, watch below:



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Posted by Johnathan Gentry on Monday, February 8, 2016