WATCH: College Women's Lacrosse Coach Advocates For Protection Of Women's Sports

John Simmons | August 30, 2023
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There was a time when people believed there were only two genders. People that believed that and also believed that you could not change your gender, were considered sensible, even normal.

We do not live in those times anymore.

In today’s world, holding those viewpoints gets you ostracized from social settings, lectures from the LGBT mafia about how horrible of a human you are, and it severely damages your reputation.

Unfortunately, Oberlin College women’s lacrosse coach Kim Russell had to experience all of those things.

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) published a video testimony of Russell in which she detailed how she was “burned at the stake” for saying only biological women should compete in women’s sports - a position that is, for some inexplicable reason, controversial.

Russell shared a post on her Instagram account that said Emma Weyant had won the 500-yard freestyle event at the NCAA Championships in 2022, and not Lia Thomas. Russell wrote that it was wrong that a male was competing against women, which angered one of her players.

After this unnamed player reported the post to school authorities, Russell had to undergo a long series of interviews with numerous boards and high-ranking officials in Oberlin.

In her first interview with administrator, one person said to Russell:

"Unfortunately, you fall into a category of people that are filled with hate in the world." 

It gets even better after that. Someone else added:

"It’s acceptable to have your own opinions, but when they go against your college’s beliefs, it’s a problem. For your employment."

Russell’s full story is in the following video. While the content is heavy, her testimony also serves as a shining example of courage, even when she often stood alone. It's worth watching every second:

The most impactful element of Russell’s incredible story was when she recounted a meeting with Oberlin’s DEI officer, school officials, and several of her own lacrosse players. According to her, the meeting was held in a dark room, and everyone present relentlessly bashed Russell’s character, coaching style, and everything in between. From Russell’s memory, the room was full of “dark energy.”

"Chairs were set up in a huge circle. I felt like I was burned at the stake. I felt like I was stoned and hanged all at the same time,” she said.

As you watch the video, you can get a sense of the darkness Russell experienced. Just looking at everything that was said to her is enough to make your blood boil, and it is amazing that even after such a - dare I say it, demonic - series of encounters with these individuals, Russell never caved.

The LGBT movement is one that is full of darkness and evil, and it has unfortunately gripped America. We need more Kim Russell’s in the world - and God’s grace - if we hope to effectively stand against it.

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