Sticky Situation: Arizona Coyotes Defenseman Defies NHL Ban On Pride Tape

John Simmons | October 24, 2023
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It didn’t take long for National Hockey League (NHL) players to defy the league’s ban on "pride" tape.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Travis Dermott wrapped a small, yet noticeable, amount of rainbow-colored tape on his stick during his team’s matchup with the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday.

The NHL had banned this product - and specialty warm up jerseys, like pride uniforms - as an attempt to avoid the conflict it experienced over this issue last year. Men like Ivan Provorov and James Reimer (along with other players and teams) didn’t like being used as human billboards for the toxic LGBT agenda, because it violated their personal and or religious beliefs.  They protested against wearing pride jerseys, and thankfully, the league listened to their actions and instituted the bans.

But now, we have players like Dermott who want to turn the NHL into a progressive seminar rather than a league of world-class hockey players. He told unhinged LGBT sports website “Outsports” that he was disappointed in the league’s ban. 

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Actually, it was a little more than disappointment.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t shed tears about this on multiple occasions,” Dermott said. “So yeah, it’s something I’m definitely very passionate about.”

Outsports predictably rejoiced at Dermott’s actions, saying this event gives the NHL only two possible courses of action. According to them, no matter what it chooses, it will go to the penalty box.

If the NHL punishes Dermott, the league is fining or suspending a player for demonstrating support for a community that has long felt rejected by men’s hockey.

If the league does nothing, the flood gates are open.

Your move, NHL.

The spirit behind both of these comments again highlights what’s wrong with LGBT supporters. They think that if an organization chooses to honor a different worldview than theirs or put limits on how much they are celebrated, that they are victims. But that’s just not true.

The NHL laid down these bans because it realized that forcing people to support the poisonous LGBT agenda when they don’t want to creates problems. As a result, they did away with the jerseys and tape to fix that issue and try to get players to refocus on playing elite hockey. Players can still support whatever cause they want off the ice, but once they get on the rink, it’s all about the sport.

Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand took a more nuanced approach to the NHL’s ban, stating that he saw the merit of the league’s actions.

“You know, I believe — my beliefs are that you should treat everyone with respect, treat people how you want to be treated, and you support who and what you want to support,” Marchand said earlier this month. “Also, I don’t think that we need to be used to push political agendas as well. So if there’s something that you feel like supporting, then you support it.”

Who would have thought the most refreshing perspective on this issue would come from a man who’s nickname is “The Little Ball of Hate?”

The NHL should punish Dermott, since he violated a league-wide ban. Then, Dermott should stop trying to get attention through his actions and ensure the Coyotes win hockey games.

Because, you know, that’s what hockey players do.

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