'Send Them Back': Polish MEP Praises Poland's Zero-Tolerance Illegal Immigration Policy

John Simmons | September 25, 2023
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America’s leaders should take notes on how to properly handle illegal immigration from one Dominik Tarczyński.

The Polish MEP spoke with Nigel Farage regarding the influx of immigrants to the Italian island of Lampedusa, saying that if 11,000 illegal immigrants tried to enter his country, he would not allow them in.

“Of course not, we won't. What we're saying is send them back, simple as that,” he bluntly stated.

This man’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigration may be viewed as xenophobic or not inclusive in today’s world. But Tarczyński doesn’t care, because it's yielding positive results for the legal citizens of the country he protects.

“Poland is the only country in the European Union which we haven't had even one terrorist attack. We don't have stabbings, we don't have rapes, we don't have all these really dangerous behaviours from migrants, illegal migrants," Tarczyński said.

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He offered more convincing statistics in a debate with other members of the European Union earlier this month, attributing his nation's overall well-being to having a strong immigration policy.

Could you imagine how improved the national safety in America would be if we adopted an immigration policy like this?

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