Chiefs' Harrison Butker Obliterates Wokeness, Tells Students To Embrace Faith And Family In Commencement Speech

John Simmons | May 14, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker eviscerated wokeness and implored students to embrace traditional values in a commencement speech to students on Benedictine College this past weekend.

Butker was the main speaker for the graduating class from the small school in Atchison, Kansas. And while most commencement speeches involve some sort of inspirational message about students embracing what the future holds, Butker did more than that with his 20 minutes at the mic.

“Bad policies and poor leadership have negatively impacted major life issues - things like abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, as well as a growing support for degenerate cultural values in media, all stem from the pervasiveness of disorder," the kicker said.

Butker then (rightfully) identified President Joe Biden as the biggest perpetrator of our cultural chaos, and also called him a religious hypocrite. 

“Our own nation is led by a man who publicly and proudly proclaims his Catholic faith, but at the same time is delusional enough to make the sign of the cross during a pro-abortion rally,” Butker said.

He didn’t stop there. Gender ideology, pride month, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Associated Press all felt the wrath of Butker’s verbal fury.

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But his speech wasn’t just about calling out woke policies and people. He added that embracing and following after Christ makes people happier than anything the world could offer, saying, "We see that in the complete surrender to self and in turning towards Christ, you will find happiness."

He also spoke glowingly about how his wife, Isabel, has been his life’s biggest blessing because she values being a wife and a mother. Butker implored the women at the ceremony to do the same.

“All of my success is made possible because a girl I met in band class back in middle school, would convert to the faith, become my wife, and embrace one of the most important titles of all: homemaker.” He added that female students should “disregard the outside noise and move closer and closer to God’s will in their life.”

Finally, he gave an equally stirring challenge to men and said that they should embrace the role of being strong leaders in their families and homes.

“This absence of men in the home is what plays a large role in the violence we see all around the nation,” he said. “Be unapologetic in your masculinity, fighting against the cultural emasculation of men. Do hard things. Never settle for what is easy.”

That’s about as good a commencement speech as you’ll ever hear.

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