John Oliver Whines About Alabama Legislation Blocking Trans Surgeries

John Simmons | May 16, 2022
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You could say that John Oliver is not a fan of an Alabama law that will prohibit doctors from providing sex-altering surgeries to minors. 

The Last Week Tonight host spent a significant portion of his show complaining about legislation signed in April by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey that took effect on May 8. The bill prevents gender-reassignment surgeries, but the portion that would have made providing hormone treatment a felony was blocked by a federal judge.

Oliver, like many unhinged leftists, was infuriated at even a partial restriction on children transitioning.

Oliver played a clip of Ivey stating why she supported the legislation, and then promptly decided to criticize her position in an illogical way.

"Some things are just facts. Summer’s hot, the ocean’s big, and gender is a question of biology, not identity,” Ivey said in the video. “Here in Alabama, we’re gonna go by how God made us because we identify with something liberals never will: reality.”

“Okay, first, f—k you. Second, ‘summer’s hot, ocean’s big’ doesn’t sound like the wind up to denying trans people their rights,” Oliver said.

He also said that we do not have to respect the fact that there are two genders because, according to him, our bodies are two fragile and weak to be any sort of proof that God made us certain ways.

“As to her point there that we have to respect how God made us, do we? Really? Why?,” he said. “Because we’ve got way too many holes, way too little hair, and necks, fragile lollipop bones that balance our dum-dum heads in one very specific direction or else we die, and all of this is intelligent design."

Here’s a clip of the rant that has all the tell-tale marking of an uninformed leftist ranting about something from a standpoint of emotion and not logic.


Despite what people like Oliver would want to believe, preventing transgender surgery is not this horrendous thing they would want you to believe. It is actually worse to indulge a child into believing that they can and should change their gender if they so want to. Anyone who is willing to mutilate a child to go against basic human biology should at the very least lose their ability to practice medicine.