John Kerry's Family Uses Private Jet For Vacation While He 'Fights Climate Change'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 13, 2021
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On March 22, I noted for MRCTV that John Kerry had joined the ever-growing list of conceited politicians who told others they should abide by unconstitutional COVID “mask” and “distancing” mandates, even as they broke those rules, that his only consistency appeared to be his smug hypocrisy, as previously evinced by his long-time use of a private plane to jet around the globe as a self-styled paladin fighting the dread scourge of “carbon emissions” which his own actions pump like mad.

Those are the same “emissions” that he and others claim are going to cause a climate-global-change-warming-not-warming-don’t-ask-for-details catastrophe – someday – evil emissions that have inspired so many politicians to dump their mansions and live like Paleolithic men in the woods. And don’t be fooled by the fact that Kerry and his wife own five homes, have bought and sold luxury yachts,and hop the world in the aforementioned private jet.

He really cares - and so does his wife, Teresa. 

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Which is why, as Fox News’ Sam Dorman reported April 9, while John is away pointing his lance at the hobgoblin of Carbon Emissions, she and the rest of the heroic family emit added tons of those emissions to fly in their private jet from Boston to Idaho vacation digs.

Flight records show that the jet left Boston late afternoon and landed in Hailey, Idaho, later that evening. It's unclear what the trip was for, but the Idaho Press reported last year that he and his wife, Teresa, have been part-time residents in the nearby Sun Valley for decades.

Which might inspire a few folks to be grateful they don’t live in Sun Valley, Idaho.

While his family was vacationing via their own private plane, Kerry himself was in India fighting against "climate change" on behalf of the Biden administration, and lecturing people on giving up their own personal comforts to stop man-made "global warming."

Saving the planet, one double standard at a time.

Since our Skeptics' Vigils regularly reveal more and more of this kind of hypocrisy, we recognize the value in continuing to watch and debate these blowhards.

The only trouble is that few of them are willing to debate. They’d rather impose penalties on us for using energy.

Even though their data and claims are debatable.

Even though their own actions, like those of Kerry and his mob, reveal how little they actually care about those claims.

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(Cover Photo: Ralph Alswang)