Joe Rogan Posts Instagram Video Promoting American Ideal of Freedom

Nick Kangadis | September 30, 2021
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Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan released a video on his Instagram account on Monday that has the establishment media doing what they usually do — focus on the wrong things while ignoring the message.

Establishment media outlets, like Rolling Stone, are only reporting on the video because they say, that Rogan — through sharing the Samuel Rivera Films fan-made video — is equating vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.

As usual, the establishment media completely missed the point.

Through sharing the video, which used audio from an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Rogan is promoting something that used to be a foregone conclusion that Americans prided themselves on — freedom. By showing past atrocities, it displays where increasing tyranny can lead a society.

Yes, Rogan’s comments on freedom were in response to ever-increasing mandates related to COVID-19 and the vaccine. But even more, Rogan’s point was to remind people on the pride they should have in the freedoms they used to be allowed before COVID enabled local and federal government to place their thumbs on the American people.

If this video doesn’t get you saying “‘Murica” after watching, check your pulse:


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Maybe it’s just me, but that was so awesome and well done that I’m about to go drape myself in an American flag, while reading the Declaration of Independence, getting a tattoo of “We the People” on my chest and rowing down the Potomac River in a George Washington wig.

And yes, ‘Murica!