Joe Biden Visited Kentucky...and It Got Creepy Again

Brittany M. Hughes | December 16, 2021
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President Joe Biden traveled this week to survey the devastated town of Mayfield, Kentucky, one of the areas of the U.S. Midwest hit hardest when massive tornados blew through earlier this week, destroying everything in their path and killing dozens.

And, while visiting with storm victims and comforting grieving families, things got….weird. Because there happened to be a small child nearby and, well, it’s Joe Biden.

During on stop, the 78-year-old president just couldn’t resist putting his hands on one little boy, who stood awkwardly by as Biden bent down behind him and did his famous “hair-sniff” maneuver before rising to his feet and continuing to talk – his hands still firmly atop the boy’s shoulders.

It's an odd and cringeworthy habit of the president's to touch, stroke, sniff and even occasionally kiss children he's not related to during very public events, catching Biden no small amount of criticism for seeming unable to keep his hands to himself. Less than a month ago, Biden was caught on camera during a ceremonial bill-signing stroking a little boy’s arm and telling him he’d “show [him] around the White House” after the president was finished with the presser.

Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that the septuagenarian grandfather of seven might simply be trying to act friendly toward other people’s children. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being nice to kids.

If only he could stop touching them.