Joe Biden Can't Remember When He Was Last Elected

Brittany M. Hughes | January 29, 2020
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Not only can’t he recall when the Obama administration passed legislation (was it the ‘70s, or the 2000s?), now former vice president and current 2020 candidate Joe Biden can’t seem to remember when he was last elected.

Speaking at a recent town hall in Marshalltown, Iowa, Biden tried to recall when the Obama administration – of which he was the second-highest member – won their reelection bid, repeatedly failing to come up with the right number in the latest in what’s become a string of flubs and gaps in memory.

“Forty years later to the month, in January of 2012, actually 2013…no, wait a minute, we got elected in 2012, 2010 or ’13,” Biden stumbled.

Clips of Biden’s seemingly increasing inability to remember dates and details, along with several contentious run-ins with constituents and critics, has caught the attention of many on social media, many of whom are questioning whether the 77-year-old former VP is struggling with his memory. Biden laughed off his age during a speech on Tuesday, in which he said he’d pick a running mate who’s “capable of being president, because I’m an old guy.”

“It has to be demonstrated to me that whomever I pick is two things: one, is capable of being president, because I’m an old guy,” Biden said as the crowd laughed. “No, I’m serious. Look, thank God I’m in great health, I work out, no I’m serious, you know I work out every morning. I’m in good shape.”


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