Jindal Blasts Obama Administration Moratorium, Citing Security and Economy

Joe Schoffstall | July 22, 2010
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Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke at the Rally for Economic Survival in Lafayette, La. against the Obama Administration's job-killing offshore drilling moratorium, saying it would be bad for their security and economy. "This moratorium does nothing to reduce our enemy needs in this country. All this moratorium does is send more American dollars, more American jobs overseas-- sometimes these countries aren't even friendly towards us. Somebodies got to explain to me how sending more dollars and more jobs overseas is good for America's economy, good for security, good for the state of Louisiana, cause I'm here to tell you it's not", he said during his address. (h/t Cubachi) Reports show a drilling moratorium will cost the Gulf states thousands of jobs and the U.S. economy would lose $2.8 billion in economic activity and the federal treasurers will lose $220 million in lost tax revenue-- all in just in the first six months. As for the number of jobs lost, recent reports indicate that it could be as many as 120,000. The companies currently drilling in the Gulf region would simply relocate overseas, sending the jobs with them. On July 12, Rep. Mike Pence, another outspoken critic against the moratorium, said the following: “Families and small businesses along our Gulf coast have suffered greatly while they wait for the spill to be stopped and cleaned up. They cannot afford to have their misery compounded by the Obama Administration’s job-killing agenda.  The president’s relentless effort to stop deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is threatening to ruin an already devastated economy." He continued "President Obama’s latest drilling moratorium will also make Americans more reliant on potentially unstable regimes. That means oil will be transported thousands of miles to the U.S. on tankers that have historically accounted for more spills than have drilling platforms."

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