Jezebel Vs. Bernie Sanders: Abortion Affects Everything

Jason Cohen | October 11, 2022
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Jezebel writer Kylie Cheung, harshly criticized Bernie Sanders for an op-ed headlined, “Democrats shouldn’t focus only on abortion in the midterms. That’s a mistake.” 

Cheung disagreed with Sanders that Democrats are even doing that, but also claimed, “Abortion is inseparable from nearly every other ostensibly more masculine and 'important' political issue you could name." 

Not quite sure what this woke nonsense means, except that it seems to insinuate that abortion is connected to everything, and therefore the left should heavily focus on it.

Her stance is reminiscent of critical race theory, a theory that race is involved in everything. Maybe Cheung should start “critical abortion theory.” 

Since abortion affects everything, of course, it is “about economic justice, racial justice, gender-based violence, and even surveillance and carcerality.”

Everything but murdering innocent babies.

Bernie Sanders is ignorant for not knowing this. His point is that excessive focus on it deprioritizes the economy. But according to Cheung, “talking about abortion isn’t ‘ignoring the state of the economy’ — abortion is the economy, and Sanders is doing Republicans’ work by pretending it isn’t.”

Typical leftist accusing someone they disagree with as being an asset for the other side. 

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Cheung also hysterically stated that the overturning of Roe v. Wade has the impact that an increasing number of pregnant “people” (not just women!) and their doctors “will be spied on and jailed, whether for abortion or miscarriage, it won’t matter or even be discernible anymore.” 

Well, that is horrifying. 

But wait, there’s more: “Even if they’re freed or charges are dropped, as the reproductive justice legal advocacy organization If/When/How has pointed out, their criminal record for their abortion or pregnancy loss could follow them, deny them jobs, and, in at least one documented case, yield their deportation.”

What a terrifying dystopian future. If Cheung believes in climate change too, it must be impossible for her to sleep at night. It has got to be exhausting to be this level of woke. 

She finished by writing, “For Sanders to misunderstand abortion in such shallow terms frankly says a lot about who he is and isn’t listening to.” 

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Shockingly, the @nytimes exposed Biden for lying.

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— MRCTV (@mrctv) October 11, 2022