Jen Psaki: Biden ‘Has Every Intention Of Delivering’ Unity for 'All Americans' Despite Pro-Abortion Stance

Sergie Daez | February 5, 2021
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The laughable lie from the left that they’re focused on bringing unity to the country appears to be continuing to unravel.

During a White House Press Briefing on Wednesday, a correspondent observed to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that President Joe Biden, in spite of his claim “that he wants to unite the country,” had disappointed pro-life Americans by the numerous actions he’d undertaken that support pro-abortion agenda, such as the revocation of the Mexico City Policy.

“Is the President going to make any effort to reach out to pro-life Americans in his administration?" the reporter asked.

"Those have long been the president’s positions, and he certainly was just restating them and delivering on promises he made on the campaign trail," Psaki responded. "But the president will reach out to all Americans, um, and that is, uh, how he’s going to govern, what he talked about in his inaugural address. Uh, and he has every intention of delivering on that promise.”

Obviously not, because Psaki’s statement itself makes it clear that Biden hasn’t shown any intention before or since he stepped into office. 

At least Psaki didn’t say that she’d circle back.

H/T: Hot Air