Jemele Hill: Police Were Never Intended To Protect Black People

John Simmons | February 3, 2023
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Another day, another obnoxious monologue from professional race-baiter Jemele Hill.


The sports journalist -- a title I use generously -- was speaking at Vanderbilt University’s 15th annual Murray Lecture during their Black History month festivities, in which she asserted that the entire system of U.S. policing was never dedicated to protecting black people. Her comment came in the wake of Tyre Nichols’ tragic death in Memphis, TN. 

"When you’re critiquing the policing in America, you’re critiquing a system," Hill said. "A system that was designed to do unfortunately the outcome that we have seen, this young man losing his life. The police were never, by design, supposed to protect Black people."

She further suggested that something like this would never have happened to a white man.

“If that young man was white, do you think they would have beat him like that,” Hill said. “It wouldn’t have happened. Not at all. It wasn’t the race of the officers that mattered, it was the race of the victim that mattered.”

Hill is a cynical liar with a material interest in facial unrest, and the claim about  police officers never protecting black men is just a new word combination advancing a dishonest, irresponsible fable.

But I will offer a rebuttal to her claim that a white man would never have been brutally beaten and killed by officers.

Look at the case of Tony Timpa. He was a 32-year-old white man who one day in 2016 called police officers for assistance, since he was off his normal medications for schizophrenia. 

Instead of assisting him, the Dallas police bound his feet with zip ties, knelt on his neck for nine minutes and caused him to stop moving. For five minutes after this, cops maniacally laughed at the pain they inflicted on Timpa, and one cop jokingly said, “I hope I didn’t kill him.”

Did Hill or any other race-baiting media members cry for justice in his name, or criticize the police system when he died? What about the horrible death of Daniel Shaver at the hands of a cop? Any outcry from Race, Inc.? Of course not, because his skin color makes his situation irrelevant in their eyes.

White people have been the victims of police brutality just like black people. But acknowledging that won't put a dime in Hill's pocket. 

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