Jeff Bezos Gives Over $98 Million to the Homeless, Socialists Complain It's Not Enough

Brittany M. Hughes | November 25, 2019
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Socialists are upset with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for donating nearly $100 million to the homeless this Christmas season, saying he should have donated more and “paid taxes,” instead.

According to Forbes, Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet, shucked out a total of $98.5 million to 32 organizations who help the homeless, $1 million more than the $97.5 million he gave last year.

But giving gigantic chunks of one’s own money to charity isn’t good enough for progressives, who say $100 million isn’t enough and that Bezos should be forced to fork over his money to the government for them to wast—I mean, generously contribute.



Of course, one should only assume that every person on this thread has given generously out of their own bank accounts to help the less fortunate -- otherwise, they'd be giant whopping hypocrites. 

But hey, 'tis the season to be grateful. Just not, apparently, to self-made rich people who give out of their own pockets.