Jamie Lee Curtis Accuses a Truck Driver of 'Stealing the Election' By Towing a Mail Truck - and the Internet Responds


There’s a reason most everyday Americans with a brain want actors, singers and general Hollywood types to just “shut up and sing.” It’s not because we don’t think they should have opinions – it’s just that too often, those opinions are so sadly vapid and lacking in basic human reasoning that they aren’t worth the three seconds it takes to stand there, mouth agape at the stupidity, before moving on with our lives.

Take, for example, Jamie Lee Curtis. I get a laugh every year around Christmas, watching her standing in an ill-fitted bikini, horrified by the sight of her own mom-bod and staring aghast into the mirror of a tanning salon in Christmas With the Kranks. It’s a funny movie. And to be perfectly honest, that’s really all I’m looking for from Curtis – shut up and act. 

Because when she steps outside her circle of expertise and tries to get political, we end up with a hot mess.

Case in point: Curtis trying to snap photos of a tow truck driver and accusing him of trying to steal the election from Joe Biden because he’s got a broken down mail truck on his big rig, all because she noticed the man is wearing a “red hat with white letters.”

“I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters. Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the USPS? Let’s not let it happen!" Curtis wrote - and actually published - on Twitter.

Of course, Curtis never does quite explain what the issue is, here. Assuming the man in her photo is, in fact, wearing a MAGA hat (which is never confirmed, given that a red hat with white lettering could easily be a standard part of a tow truck company's uniform, but that doesn’t much matter either way), what exactly does she think he’s doing? Making off with a mail truck filled to the brim with mail-in votes for Joe Biden that haven’t even been printed yet? Stealing the truck so there’s one less mail delivery vehicle on the road come November? Is he planning to ride around in the truck himself stealing Biden ballots out of people’s mailboxes and replacing them with Trump votes? What, exactly, does she think is going on here?

Of course, that would assume she’s thinking at all, which apparently, isn’t Curtis’ strong suit – ergo, the suggestion that she just stick with acting, since she appears prone to overdramatics anyway.

Thankfully, Curtis’ brain cell loss is the Internet’s gain, as Twitter followers were all too happy to mock the actress’s bizarre conspiracy theory.





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